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I regret nothing


From that very moment, the world, to me, was no longer pure, nor beautiful. [x]

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Modern AU where Kratos is a single dad and a struggling business man??

I had a strong desire to draw Kratos’ wearing one of those front baby backpack things.

I’m still trying to get into bright colors. Bright Colors are scary….but I’ll some how! Some day!

Also playing with style? 


starry heavens

Lloyd: When I was a child, I used to have my father carry me on his shoulders.
Kratos: I thought you couldn’t remember anything about your childhood.
Lloyd: I don’t remember very clearly. But I have a feeling we looked up at the stars and talked together.
Kratos: I see…
Lloyd: So, because of that, I’ve always made sure that the stars were the one thing I studied seriously.
Kratos: …Really?
Lloyd: Yeah… Really.

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actual proof that kratos and regal are more than capable of making faces that are not all that srs bsn. from my unite world animation book.