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tales of symphonia: main cast  +  color palettes.
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colored 4koma from the ToS Unisonant Anthology Comic!

raw by silveryogi
translation by me
typesetting by lurondo


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Viva Tales of Magazine May 2012 - Tales of Symphonia The Animation Supporter’s Club

Click for high resolution scan


I wanted to make one more just for tex for staying so long /w\

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From that very moment, the world, to me, was no longer pure, nor beautiful. [x]

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a while ago i was dabbling with the idea of colette and zelos switching places as sylvarant and tethe’alla’s respective chosen

but okay really it was just an excuse to draw colette in little lady outfits

but i mean. i guess things on zelos’s side are interesting too. yeah.

also i’ll just throw my first early sketches of the idea here too since i really liked the idea of giving her a headband kind of sort of like zelos’s