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ボーイズラブとは関係ない方向でクラトスとゼロス(ロイドが大事)は いつかなんか描かなきゃってずっと思ってる 

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I’m still laughing about kratos like he gets so fucking offended about raine being afraid of water


"how dare you some of my best friends are 50-75% water"

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Lloyd: When I was a child, I used to have my father carry me on his shoulders.
Kratos: I thought you couldn’t remember anything about your childhood.
Lloyd: I don’t remember very clearly. But I have a feeling we looked up at the stars and talked together.
Kratos: I see…
Lloyd: So, because of that, I’ve always made sure that the stars were the one thing I studied seriously.
Kratos: …Really?
Lloyd: Yeah… Really.

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